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Busting myths about obesity and bariatric surgery in South Africa

Obesity is a complex chronic disease that results from a variety of genetic, environmental, and behavioural factors. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the complex roots of obesity and still think that it can be solved by simply eating less and exercising more.

Reconstruct is a community that works tirelessly to break down the stigma surrounding obesity and bariatric surgery in South Africa, so that people living with obesity can receive the care they need.


Our focus is threefold:

We provide evidence based and trustworthy information about obesity and bariatric surgery in South Africa.


Our community is a vocal advocate against weight bias and weight stigmatisation.


We take hands with existing groups to support the bariatric community in South Africa to make the journey toward better health affordable and sustainable.

If you are passionate about bariatric surgery and breaking obesity stigma, take hands with our community.

Image by youssef naddam

How can I become involved?

Join your voice with ours

The stigmas and false narratives about obesity and bariatric surgery are keeping people from seeking help, or from affording the available treatment when they do choose to. There is power and synergy in online communities. There is strength in numbers. By joining our voices together, the bariatric community becomes a role player that can influence the mainstream narrative on obesity and bariatric surgery in South Africa.

Support others on their bariatric journey

Reconstruct provides a community where persons can support and encourage each other on their journey with obesity. Do you have a story to tell? Contribute to our blogs! Do you have advice? Comment on our forums! Do you have a product or service? List it on the forum! And do you want to share experiences with others on their journey? Join one of our events! We would love to be inspired by you.

Providing a service or product in the bariatric community?

We are building a bank of information on providers in the bariatric community. Please post your details on the forum.

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