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Dispelling the Myth of Guilt and Shame: Embracing the Positives from Your Previous Life as a Bariatric Patient

Not everything from your previous fat life is wrong or need changing. I think bariatric patients overload themselves with guilt, shame and anxiety that is often unjustified.

I did a lot of things right before the surgery. It is so easy to fall into the trap of shame and guilt, and think that your whole life is wrong and will need to change. That is not always the truth.

When I started my body journey in earnest, 4 years prior to surgery, I created a lot of good habits in my life.

I hydrated.

I ate real food, cooked at home, and packed a lunchbox.

I exercised with a personal trainer at home three times a week.

I slept enough.

I did not use alcohol in the week

I did not eat refined sugars

I monitored my health and took medication as prescribed

When I started the bariatric journey I felt like I had to change very little from my already well established routines. As I followed the advice of the great medical team I worked with, I created a lot of anxiety at first. Then, once I sat down and made a list of all the guideline I already follow, I realised it is a very doable process.

For the new guidelines that I needed to add, I also made a list. Every two or four weeks, I added one of the new habits, and embedded it. When I slip up on one of the guidelines, I don't shame myself. I simply go back to my list, check what I am sticking too, and recommit to the others, one at a time.

If you are a person who did not put good habits in place before the surgery, you have to really work hard with your team to befriend the guidelines. If they seem like rules, and you are stubborn or don't care about them, you will find yourself not getting the most out of this tool in the long run.

Don't believe the myth that all you did was wrong. Be honest, follow the guidelines as best as you can, and learn to be graceful with yourself. Remember! You can not hate, scare of guilt yourself thin.

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